How Average Goddess Came To Be



Dear average goddesses and warriors, thank you so much for being here! Thank you for being in this world and thank you for joining me here on My name is Darcy and I am the writer and creator of this blog and online boutique. Most importantly, everything on this site available to purchase is WRAP certified.* This ensures that every product made was ethically produced from start to finish in a safe and responsible way: sweatshop free, quality materials, with an eco-friendly and vegan printing method, etc. Now that we can let go of any worries about that, we can just have fun! 

    A little background info~ This website came about by finding myself at a tipping point in my life; surprise, surprise (I’m not special, hence- “average”). I had just become a mom and started raising my baby in a single household, had almost been fired from a job**, was fed up with working for the man, and while continuously making efforts to grow in life and listen to signs from the Universe, I looked to it again to see where it was pointing me and what new direction to take (yep, you guessed it, I’m very spiritual). 

    My first idea brought to me by a friend, was to create a yoga studio in my hometown where I was living. This studio would become a place that could bring the community together, create income, and provide an awesome space as well as a new career where I could balance my work life and home life with my daughter. Yoga has been a passion and lifestyle of mine for over ten years now, including times where I’ve fully immersed myself living in ashrams, and taken teacher training courses where I became a certified teacher, as well as other workshops. I quickly fell in love with the idea of opening up my own yoga studio and started mapping out my vision, business plans, etc. but saw that it would take a very large sum of money that I didn't have, to make all that happen. After voicing my ideas to a very few close people, I realized I was terrified of being in massive debt. So I decided to start from scratch. My new vision was to take the idea of the yoga boutique and put it online where I could also build a community space, just without the brick and mortar store/studio.

    Designing the average goddess clothing line and writing blogs has now become a new passion of mine that I didn’t know I was missing in my life. In my blogs, you will find writings about personal experiences, recipes, funny stories, situations I have overcome, and more. None of these blogs are — by any means meant to be used as resources for dietary advice, therapy or self-help. My best hope is that I can bring you a laugh or an inspiration through my words, or that maybe you can learn from mistakes I have made in the past.

    A confession I will share here, is that I still hope to open my yoga studio in the future. If you stay connected, I hope you will see it come to fruition one day, and maybe even come take a class with me. 


Your Average Goddess


(*) Find out more information in Store Policies

(**) Read the full story in Blogs- “Don’t Mess With Mama Bear.”