Watermelon Cleanse

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Hey average goddesses and average warriors, do you ever vacation so hard that you need a vacation after your vacation? ‘Cause, same. After one vacay of mine that included a full week of binge-drinking, eating with absolutely all rules out the window and filling my body with toxins, I was in desperate need of a cleanse to set my body back on track and detox. Here’s what my toxic brain came up with:

Day 1: Watermelon

Day 2: Watermelon

Day 3: Watermelon

(I add transition days afterwards I’ll talk about later)

I decided to go on a mono-diet. I briefly read up on some random articles and blogs by different people who had done similar cleanses. Some picked banana, some grapes, but I decided to go with watermelon. It’s my favorite food: the only food that’s never done me wrong. (I used to say avocado was my favorite but I am holding a grudge against it now because I couldn’t eat it while I was pregnant. It made me vomit every time I tried. Avo is now forever in 2nd.)

Without a ton of research I just decided to go all-in. I have done many juice cleanses before, but since I had to work I knew I couldn’t commit to a juice cleanse and that I would cave quickly and not get my full reset that I needed. Juice cleanses also make me pee every five minutes so it just wasn’t plausible while having to work. I thought that watermelon would be better since I would still be getting some fiber too, and so I wouldn’t get too hungry since I could eat as much as I wanted (as long as it was watermelon**).

It actually went pretty well. The first day of a cleanse I always feel good because that’s just the beginning when you’re getting rid of everything. Watermelon is a natural diarrhetic so this really did the trick to “cleanse” my body out. This stage always makes me feel light and energized. On day two is when I usually start to get bits of light-headedness, headaches, and low energy. I took day two to rest a lot, do some gentle yoga, and let my body process the toxins that were being released.

I always like to keep my schedule pretty light and stay at home during big cleanses. This way I can be near the bathroom since I end up needing to use it many times during every hour. Ideally, if I am planning a cleanse, I’d like to go away and stay somewhere near nature where I can rest a lot, be comfortable, and really get in touch with myself. Cleanses can bring up emotional stuff too by clearing blockages and releasing things. It can get real. Like I mentioned though, I had already taken vacation, so this was a cleanse done in a pinch in a very non-ideal setting. By day three is when I had to go back to work, and my body spent so much energy running around (waiting on tables at a restaurant), that I got really worn out. And although I wasn’t peeing as much as I would have been if I were entirely on juice, I was still peeing a ton which is really inconvenient at work. After that first shift, I knew I couldn't go any longer on watermelon alone since I had my whole work week ahead, even though my original goal was to go 5 days.

Day 4 I started incorporating other fruits and veggies like banana, papaya, and salad. This didn’t settle very well for my tummy so I decided to take the cleanse on a different route and switch to a different mono-diet for 3 more days: Kitchari*. After having done a 5-day kitchari cleanse while living in an ashram one time, I discovered the benefits of that healing recipe. Ever since, it has become my comfort go-to food if I’m having stomach issues. The kitchari was just what I needed to transition back to eating my normal diet (well, better than my norm).

So all in all, it ended up being a whole week cleanse, and I really did feel like I kick-started my body back on track and feeling so much better afterwards. Along with the actual cleansing of the body, I was now back in the mindset of super conscious decisions of what I was going to be eating and drinking, even more sensitive and aware to these decisions than before my vacation. I also got a lot of journal writing in, got in touch with my body through yoga, and literally had farts that smelled like watermelon for 3 days. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself!

Song of the Day: How can I choose anything besides, “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles

(My cleanse was the summer of 2018, so long before that song was released. Who had the idea of a watermelon sugar-high first?)

*Keep a look out for a Kitchari recipe blog coming soon!

**I like to squeeze a little fresh lemon juice on top, it changes the taste and makes it sooo yummy!

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